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Business Conference
Business Conference

Corporate  Events

What better place to offer alcohol free craft cocktails, beer & wine than your corporate event? Our craft cocktails are made with zero proof alcohol alternative's so you do not have to sacrifice flavor or get stuck drinking juice & soda water. Lets connect to discuss your corporate event & how Unintoxicated can offer your guests sophisticated  alcohol free options.


Private Events 

Are you hosting a wedding or private event & hope to offer your guest amazing alcohol free cocktail options? Look no further Unintoxicated can set up a alcohol free bar for your event that offers zero proof craft cocktails as well as non- alcoholic wine & beer based on your needs! Lets connect and discus the vision you have for your event & how Unintoxicated fits into that vision.

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Host An Event

Do you have a space that you feel would be a great place to host an Unintoxicated Nightlife Event? We are always looking for new locations that offer a great atmosphere to host our alcohol free pop up events. I would love to chat more about your bar, restaurant, venue, or other space you feel would be a great option to host an Unintoxicated Event. Lets connect and see how we can work together to offer the community alcohol free nightlife options!! 

Cocktail Menu Curation

Do you want to offer an incredible cocktail menu at your establishment or events yet don't know where to start. Together we can customize a unique alcohol free cocktail menu that utilizes  the best alcohol alternatives on the market. With more and more people reaching for alcohol free options now is the time to add zero proof craft cocktails to your menu. Lets work together to help normalize an night out with a range of alcohol alternatives on your menu. 


Store Development 

Have you always wanted an online store to curate a collection and offer it to the world...yet are uncertain where to start? I can re-brand or build a custom store to truly reflect your brand. An online store keeps your guests connected and supports them in easily finding products they desire from a brand they know & trust. With an online store you also have the ability to stock items you may have always wanted to carry though did not have the space or extra time to fulfill orders & shipping. Imagine if someone could build your online store to a point where it is extremely easy to share & manage. A store catalog that is inclusive of brands you love without the fulfillment responsibilities. Oh did I mention I'm that someone. If you want an online store that represents you brand and mission sent me a message and lets chat. 

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