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Let Me Introduce Myself...

My Name is Caylie, I am the founder & event coordinator at Unintoxicated Nightlife. I founded Unintoxicated Nightlife to normalize a night out that is not alcohol focused. I began bartending when I turned 21 and found myself like many drinking my nights away and feeling terrible the next day…Yet this was the norm. This went on for years until I moved to Maui and after a while realized that I no longer enjoyed the way alcohol left me feeling. I decided to step away from it for a while and found it served me really well! The hardest part for me was I felt it impacted my social life in a negative way. When I would go out it always felt awkward as either I felt my friends wondering why I wasn't drinking as if there had to be a reason or they felt judged by my decision, though that was never where I was coming from. It definitely changed things. I remember trying to order mocktails at the bar or bring a beverage to events just to try to avoid the weird energy that arises when you make a decision to refrain from alcohol. During this time I found that my outlook on life improved yet my desire to go out diminished. I loved my days of not drinking and the days turned into years. I felt better than ever and found more comfort in the awkward energy that would inevitably arise. I had one liners that nipped the energy and I found more and more confidence in my decisions over time. I never intended to remain sober forever as I do find joy in the occasional cocktail. Though during this time I did find compassion for those who struggle to say no to drinks and the pressure society puts on us to partake in this normalized & sometimes daily ritual. We drink to celebrate, we drink to socialize, we drink to relax, we drink on vacation, we drink to create connection & comradery. We toast at weddings, business functions and even baby showers. I love these celebrations and occasions we find to connect with one another with a toast. In all honesty one of these exact moments was when I chose to have a drink again, in a magical and celebratory moment! This moment left an impact and reminded me of how much connection we have created in these moments so deeply attached to alcohol. I witnessed myself continuing to find celebratory moments to toast to, each one becoming closer again after time.

Why have we not normalized enjoying these celebratory moments with an alcohol free cocktail? Well the simple answer is it hasn't always been so easy. Up until recent years you were left drinking lack luster mocktails made of sugary juice or soda water. I have contemplated launching an alcohol free nightlife for many years, yet also did not want to disappoint guests with kiddy cocktails dressed as adult beverages. As I have watched the alcohol free industry grow at an accelerated rate and the desire for alcohol alternatives skyrocket I realized there was no better time than now to offer the world an alcohol free nightlife option. With so many incredible alcohol free companies emerging and the ability to offer outstanding alcohol free options I am pleased to present Unintoxicated Nightlife. You no longer have to sacrifice your social life to support your decision to steer clear of alcohol.

Cheers, Caylie

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