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Why More & More People Are Choosing Alcohol Alternatives...

There are so many reasons people choose not to consume alcohol including but not limited to religion, medical reasons, trying to conceive, focused on self, career, children, have faced challenges with alcohol, choose to eliminate alcohol for health reasons, or simply just do not enjoy the effects of alcohol. For some it is a combination and for others it is none of the above. Everyone's why is different and yet many are choosing to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol. In this day and age there is more understanding of the long term effects of alcohol and the impact we see even in the days following a night full of cocktails that leave you feeling like sh!t for days to come. The world of alcohol free alternatives is growing as many reach for a new way of enjoying adult beverages. With so many incredible companies emerging to pave the way for alcohol free cocktails that are comprised of more than soda water and juice, those who feel like taking a night, weekend or lifetime off alcohol have options. With the ability to concoct a craft cocktail using zero proof spirits or reach for a packaged Whiskey Sour, Paloma, Margarita, or Espresso Martini that fulfills the desire for a cocktail without the intoxicating factor…why wouldn't you? Even if you enjoy alcohol you can not drink every night without feeling the effects. I for one love the feeling of sipping on a classy cocktail in a fancy glass though it has nothing to do with the alcohol, as I actually enjoy it more without. Enjoying a cocktail sans alcohol has become more normalized in recent times. Reaching for an alternative no longer holds the same stigma it once did only a few short years ago. In the US we are currently seeing a rise in alcohol free bars emerging and events that give an alternative to alcohol filled beverages sweeping the nation. In the UK it has become common for many bars, restaurants & venues to offer alcohol alternatives to those who desire them. Many are choosing to have dry weddings, socials & celebrations with cocktails that resemble the leaded versions we once held dear yet no longer support us in the present moment. I foresee this summer engagements offering many more alcohol alternatives to support inclusion for those who simply want to enjoy their evening free of alcohol. With each and every social engagement that occurs the movement continues to grow. Many still have not been introduced to these incredible alternatives and are shocked and amazed when they realize that they can celebrate life's many beautiful moments with a delightful drink that's alcohol free! As the social stigma around choosing to re-evaluate alcohol and how it fits into your life continues to shift, we will see continued growth as more and more people choose to reach for alcohol alternatives.

Cheers, Caylie

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